The Out to Be Podcast

The Out to Be Podcast

Hosted by: Katie Zaccardi

Want to learn the strategy you need to grow your music career, without sacrificing your sanity? The Out to Be Podcast is a podcast for musicians, music entrepreneur, music industry coaches, and music teachers, that...


Who have you set out to be? Intro to the Out to Be Podcast with Katie Zaccardi

Season #1 Episode #1

Welcome to the Out to Be Podcast! The Out To Be Podcast discusses all things wellness, self care & mental health, and how these relate to the music industry, artists, songwriters, and industry professionals. In...
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Why you need to love yourself before anything else with Danelle Harvey

Season #1 Episode #2

On this episode, Katie chats with entrepreneur and successful recording and touring indie artist, Danelle Harvey all about her journey with self love & her career in the music. Connect with Danelle...
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Healthy habits & using plant medicine to heal with Victoria Gonzalez

Season #1 Episode #3

Today's guest, Victoria Gonzalez, is a musician, Reiki Master, 200 RYT in Hatha Yoga/Ayurveda, Cacao Ceremony and Drum Circle practitioner, among other ventures into the mystical/esoteric arts. On this episode we chat...
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How to deal with performance anxiety with Jennifer Keller

Season #1 Episode #4

Today's interview is with Jennifer Keller, also known as emerging artist and producer Astræa. Astræa’s lyrical work is often inspired by psychology and the human condition. Her latest self-produced single, "Don’t Let...
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From depression & stage fright to helping others heal through nature with Cynthia Brando

Season #1 Episode #5

Today's interview is with Los Angeles singer songwriter & coach, Cynthia Brando. Cynthia shares her journey with depression and stage fright and how it's an ongoing practice overcome them, as well as her platform...
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Growing your confidence with Rubi Skilton

Season #1 Episode #6

Today's interview is with self love & confidence coach Rubi Skilton. Rubi shares her journey with self-development and confidence growing up with a a limb difference and working in the music industry.  ...
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My Time Management Tips & Tricks

Season #1 Episode #7

On today's episode, Katie gives her favorite tips for managing your time & energy. Time management is a crucial part to growing our wellness routines & careers, and this episode will help you get started on...
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Coping with bi-polar disorder through support groups and live music with Chris Bullard

Season #1 Episode #8

Today's interview is with musician and founder of Sound Mind, Chris Bullard. Chris shares his journey with bi-polar disorder & how he came to create Sound Mind. For more info on Sound Mind & tickets to the...
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Depression as a black dog - kicking off Mental Health Awareness Month with Macabre Americana

Season #1 Episode #9

Today's interview kicking off mental health awareness month is with Blake and Lacey of NYC folk-fusion band, Macabre Americana. In this episode we discuss the significance of mental health awareness month and their...
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Redefining the music industry culture by redefining our wellness with Jessa Graves

Season #1 Episode #10

Today's interview is with Jessa Graves of J.Graves. In this episode we discuss Jessa's 180 lifestyle change to help overcome a mystery illness, and how we redefine the music industry culture by redefining and...
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Dealing with depression and overcoming the taboo in Christianity & the music industry culture with Anita Faye

Season #1 Episode #11

Today's interview is with singer/songwriter Anita Faye. In this episode we discuss Anita's battle with depression, how it has been impacted by her Christian upbringing, and how that parallels with the music industry...
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Being a touring musician with anxiety with Sarah Vitort

Season #1 Episode #12

Today's interview is with singer-songwriter & touring artist Sarah Vitort. In this episode we discuss Sarah's journey with anxiety and how she copes while on and off the road.  Keep up with Sarah & catch her...
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