Why does it feel like there's some bad vibes around money in the music industry?

Like you can either be a broke musician or a billionaire, but not much in between.

And right now, you're feeling like the broke musician...

You feel behind and embarrassed that you're struggling with money and are frustrated that it's stopping you from investing in your music career.

You need to increase your income so you can stop operating paycheck-to-paycheck, but aren't sure how to do it without burning out.

You feel overwhelmed and underpaid anytime you go to budget or make a plan to reach your money goals.

You're constantly stressed, having to decide if you should put your money toward music, paying off debt, or other life necessities.

You live in a state of worry & stress, hoping you'll bring in enough to meet your needs each month.

You are desperate to ditch the toxic music industry beliefs like "there's no money in music."



"It's just really hard to make money as a musician"

"Everything would be better if I could just make a little extra money each month"

"Must be nice to be able to afford that. It's not the cards for me"

  • You trust yourself to manage your money, and feel confident doing it
  • You have an overflow of money each month so you can easily put money toward your goals
  • You trust that you can make consistent, high paying income to support yourself (and your family)
  • You feel peace and maybe even excitement whenever you think about money
  • You no longer worry if it's possible to make money as a musician, because you're living proof that you can

In the Wealthy Musician Bundle, you'll learn how to shift your mindset to have a better relationship with money, make small changes with the way you show up for the money you're currently making, and explore options to increase your income and reach your big financial goals.

how we do it

Trainings happening LIVE starting June 26th, 2023

PART ONE - Clearing your mental money blocks

Start by identifying your current money stories and limiting beliefs so you can clear & re-program them. In part one, we focus on releasing negative emotions and fears around money so that you can leave behind what's holding you back, and step into the financial future you desire with peace and confidence.

PART TWO - Creating your monthly money spending plan

To feel in control and confident with your finances, we start by creating a monthly spending plan that feels aligned to you - both with your personal finances, and your music finances. Learn how to manage what's coming in and out each month, and plug an any leaks (aka see where you may be letting money get away from you). 

PART THREE - Crafting your income boosting strategy

Making more money gets to be easy. In Part 3 you'll learn tons of ways to optimize your current financial situation, and come up with ideas to bring in even more income, in your music biz and beyond.

PART FOUR - Cultivating your long term money goals

The best way to manifest more money in your life is to be clear on what that money is for. In Part 4, we get crystal clear on your finances goals and aspirations, so you can have a practical (and magical ;) plan to reach them.

Digital Budget Tracker & Planner

This digital planner has everything you need to track your personal & music biz income and expenses, financially plan for music projects, track merch inventory and sales, and more!

Tapping & Hypnosis Sessions

Whether you have guilt around debt, fear around spending, or just want to kick the belief that you can't make money in music, the vast vault of tapping & hypnosis sessions will help you clear all your fears. And help you manifest your goals!!

The Resource Vault

As you continue to deepen your knowledge and relationship with money, you'll do so equipped with tons of tools and resources to use to guide your journey.

meet your coach

When I was a senior at NYU studying Music Business, I remember hearing that a recent grad had landed a job and was making a whopping (sarcasm) $25K per year.

 $25K?? in New York?! 

 I was shocked & appalled. 

 "That won't be me, that's just crazy"

But soon after, the story that "there's no money in the music industry" followed me around. I saw proof everywhere I looked.

After a while of a shitty salary & busting my ass to cover my costs as a musician, I decided enough was enough. It was time to take control of my finances.


Flash forward to owning my own business where I help artists create a sustainable music career.

The biggest stressor & obstacle my clients have?


So I took all the knowledge I've cultivated over the years from courses I've done, my own experience running a business and as a musician, and my skills as a certified practitioner of EFT and hypnosis, and created WMB.

WMB is everything you need to overcome the money struggle & start to go from a broke musician, to one who is in control of her finances.

This could be you...





  • A 4 module program designed to take you from confused on socials to confident and converting your followers into paying fans.

the low price of


  • A 4┬ápart program designed to take you from┬ástressed about money to confidently managing your finances
  • Digital Budget Tracker & Planner
  • A Hypnosis and EFT portal to help you overcome your mindset blocks
  • Resources & Recommendations to continue your money journey


Hope Littwin          


Dani Tanzella            

"I have been a client of Katie's for about a year, and she has given me many useful and super helpful tools (I highly recommend her as a one on one coach!). One of my favorite tools is the Budget Planner and Tracker. It literally helped me make the final leap into working for myself full time! I was able to see what income was needed from my business to maintain my monthly bills, where I was wasting money, and where I was able to bring in more income. I started to pay down debts and create more savings, and it was clear when I could confidently quit my corporate job. I used this tool for my business, and then started using it for my household too--now my wife is able to decrease her work hours as well!"

When do the calls for the live trainings take place?

The 4-PART TRAINING SERIES  is happening LIVE on the below dates, recordings will live in the course afterwards!

- PART ONE: Clear your mental money blocks
Monday, June 26th at 5:00pm ET

- PART TWO: Create your monthly money spending plan
Tuesday, June 27th at 5:00pm ET 

- PART THREE: Craft your income boosting strategy
Wednesday, June 28th at 5:00pm ET 

- PART FOUR: Cultivate your long term money goals & manifestations
Thursday, June 29th at 5:00pm ET 


Is the tracker an app?

At this time, the tracker is not a phone application format. It is in the format of a google sheets worksheet, that you can copy into your drive and customize. You can use it on your computer and phone with the Google Sheets app.

Do you have a refund policy?

Due to the instant access of the course, we do not offer refunds on sales of The Wealthy Musician. We keep the cost as low as we can, and know that if you implement what you learn in the bundle, you'll quickly make your investment back, and more!

I'm Ready to Be a Wealthy Musician