The step-by-step accelerator program to create your brand, organically grow your fanbase, and in turn, monetize your music career.

I Hear You

You are a musician with dreams to change the world with your songs. You’re able to express the emotions of the world through your revolutionary sound. You wish you could spend all day with your head in the clouds creating and attracting your loyal audience, catapulting you into stardom and success.

If you only had a lucky break, a label, a marketing team, a limitless budget…

What if I told you, it isn’t a lucky break that will “make” you. That what you need isn’t to become a better musician - you’re already so great at that.

Let’s be honest, in today’s music industry, the musicians with the most listens are those that are putting themselves out there to be seen and heard. They aren’t using magic, they are using effective strategies that turn up the volume on their visibility, one step at a time.

What if I told you that what you need is simply a Visibility Rx - a step-by-step approach that you, dreamy musician, will bring you back to earth, to grow your socials so you can SHARE your music as well as you CREATE your music.

Reality Check

You have some bad habits that are holding you back right now from skyrocketing to success. So if this is you, here’s some swaps to make to have a healthier and happier relationship with social media...

This you?

  • You avoid social media and marketing because it takes you away from your creative process - and besides, you have nothing to say.
  • You get stuck in procrastination, it’s all so confusing and overwhelming, too much to do, you don’t even know where to start.
  • You hate reaching out to people to share your music, it feels so fake.

Do this instead

  • Cross-pollinate your creative ideas in music making by sharing your art, process and passion with your fans across social media and other platforms
  • Clarify your personalized step-by-step process that effectively promotes your unique sound and style.
  • Gain supportive relationship-building strategies that help you create genuine connections with your audience and cultivate your most important relationship - the relationship to yourself, your music and your source of passion.

Your Symptoms

As a musician turned music coach, I’ve helped hundreds of musicians find their voice and create a crystal clear path towards organic growth. Over and over, I’ve seen musician’s self sabotage through:


Making it in music is everything you’ve dreamed of, but you resent having to be “business savvy” to do it. It’s more important for you to focus on your art and sometimes find yourself snickering “I wish the music industry was the way it used to be - I wish the music was enough to grow my career.”  Yet…you want listeners, fans, & money, and what you’re doing now isn’t working. 

Crippling Overwhelm

You’ll do anything it takes to grow your music career, but you’re overwhelmed and confused on what to prioritize to get your music out there. There are so many different things you *could* be doing but you don’t know what you *should* be doing. And you don’t want to risk focusing on something that will take time away from creating.

Creators Block

You’re a visionary musician and can communicate your heart through your music with ease. But when you go to write a social media post or an email, or figure out your brand, you go blank. You know how to write a song but feel like social media is all about "promoting the song." And you’ve tried that too. But it didn’t work, and you don't know what will.

Split Personality

You have a love / hate relationship with social media. You know it’s a crucial tool to grow your career, but don’t want to be fake or an “influencer” to do it. You just want to get your music out there to more ears while staying true to yourself, but doubt if your genuine self will get views.

This could be you...

Your Visibility Rx

In my years of experience as both a musician and coach, I have fine tuned a prescription that looks at your creative process and music business as a whole.

The Visibility RX system is like no one else’s out there, as it takes a modern & holistic approach to your success on social media and beyond as an artist, creating a brand that is memorable, and content that your audience can’t get enough of.

Yes, there will be tons of strategy & logistics to improve your brand and socials. But we also work on mindset blocks weighing you down, and on staying in alignment, to create content and community that converts to paying fans, without feeling like you’re selling out.

Here's What It Looks Like

Holistic Strategies

When it comes to strategy, you’ll learn the ins and outs of each platform and how to create content - without being a slave to the algorithm. This way you can take your customizable social media plan and make it work for YOU. You’ll be able to create content quickly and easily, freeing up your time to create art and do all the other things you LOVE about being a musician.


The key to success is not just strategy, but mindset work. You can HAVE all the “success strategies'' - but if you don’t believe in yourself, or you’re trying to be someone else, it won’t work. Putting yourself out there can come with a rollercoaster of emotions and doubts. In this program we work through your mindset blocks so you can show up confidently and have a stable relationship with social media.


Your art is nothing without heart. When it comes to cultivating your brand pillars and social strategy, we put a huge emphasis on spotlighting your one of a kind self & style. You’ll learn to create content from your soul, in a way that’s fun and embraces pleasure. No more “forcing yourself to promote your music.” Instead, say hello to your social media playground - the place where you step into your musical expertise and share it with the world. Your music is an extension of you, and so is your social media.

A little bit of ass-kickin

If you don’t want to be a hobbyist, broke, or invisible, you’re going to have to COMMIT to the work. I’m anti-burnout, but I’m pro-accountability. This program & my approach will keep you motivated, fired up, and on track to achieve your goals (while still honoring your mental health & wellness).

Daisy (@daisyabrams)

Before taking this course, I quite honestly dreaded posting on social media for the most part. I had no idea what to post, what would be of interest to my followers, or how to promote my services and my music without feeling icky about it. But going through the Audience Builder, I got to learn everything from the ground up; how to be consistent with posting, how to get past my old fears and take myself and my business seriously, how to create engaging stories, and how to make even pretty mundane events interesting to my followers. And yeah, I even learned the more tech-y stuff and pro tips that would have taken me way longer to figure out on my own.


Your Prognosis

By the end of your journey, your outcome is looking bright.

Brand Clarity

Not only will clarity on your brand help you create content better and more easily, but it will also solidify your reputation online for being known as - well however you desire to be known!


You’ll have the confidence you need to show up online in a way that is completely YOU. Not fake, not contrived, but genuinely you. And what follows is likability, approachability, and notoriety because you’ve let your unique power & light shine through.

Flourishing Relationships

Not only will your fanbase grow, but your internal network and industry connections and collaborator list will flourish. You’ll be able to cultivate an audience of superfans who you have a genuine connection to, and are ready to pay you for what you have to offer.


You’ll find the inner harmony and peace you’re desiring that comes from being clear on who you serve, what your mission is, and how you deliver that through your content. You’ll no longer be stuck in overwhelm or comparisonitis.

You're Invited to join me inside of
A 3 month group coaching program designed to take you from confused on socials to confident & converting your followers into paying fans.
  • Lifetime Access to the course, including content from 10+ guest coaches
  • Weekly Group coaching calls to work through all your brilliant ideas
  • Group slack channel for constant community & coaching support
  • Plus...
  • Worksheets & Templates to easily brainstorm & implement what youโ€™re learning
  • Invitations to any LIVE TRAININGS that happen as we update the course
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The Modules

Module One:

Your Visibility Vision

Start off by building a strong foundation for your social media stardom as you overcome mindset blocks and defining what success on socials looks like to you.

Module TWO:

Crafting Your Brand

In this module you’ll learn the 4 step system to clarify your personal & visual brand so you know exactly who you are as an artist, what you’re here to say, and how you want to present yourself online and beyond.

Module Three:

Your Social Media Strategy

Things start to heat up once we get to module 3, where you’ll have the opportunity to dive DEEP into strategy trainings for every platform there is. You’ll decide what platforms you want to move forward using, and have all the strategy tools you need to thrive.

Module Four:

Content Creation

Now that you’re clear on your branding, the platforms you’ll use, and the strategies to succeed on those platforms…it’s time to create killer content! In module 4 we bring it all together and craft a content strategy that is aligned with YOU so you can call in your ideal fan and start building your community online.

Jay (@jay.c.swift)

"As someone who does not have a marketing background or any real experience using social media this content was critical to my growth as a self-promoting independent artist. My average views per post before taking the Audience Builder Course was 200-250 views before the post stalled out. The very first post I made with the knowledge I had gained from this course along with Katie’s guidance was at 4,000 views the very next morning and only 2 days later had over 7,500 views, subsequent posts are performing in a similar fashion. This increase in views along with more then 1000 new followers are quantifiable results and an example of how along with Coach Katie’s guidance I was able to share my music with over 1000 new followers and most importantly possible new fans."


The Guest Speakers

Not only do you get tons of training content from me, but I also have brought in expert coaches to teach on specific platforms so you can get incredible tailored and specific strategies for each individual platform.

Brianna Ruelas

How to Craft a Personal Brand Story That Compels & Impacts

Megan Kuhar

The Artist's Guide to Visual Branding

Mallory Musante

Instagram: The Algorithm & Strategy

Kelsey Juntwait

TIKTOK: All Things TikTok Strategy

Lydia Walker

How to Use & Optimize YouTube for Growth


How to Grow Your Email List

Bree Noble

Build Your List by Growing & Nurturing a Facebook Group

Erin McAndrew

Tweet This: How to leverage Twitter to grow your following, generate income, and land press opportunities

Lauren Rozwadowski

Clubhouse 101

Isabella Bedoya

Using LinkedIn to Connect & Network in the Music Industry


How to Manage Your Busy Schedule & Stay Accountable to Reach Your Social Media Goals

“Katie has fantastic clarity about what the workings of a music business can look like in the modern world. She is highly intuitive and is able to step into my headspace and imagine how things would work well according to my values and goals. I have a much better idea of the path moving forward - would highly recommend ABB! ”


"Audience Builder has made me realize that there are TONS of people out there who will claim that you can “grow”, but this course will help you grow in the RIGHT way and do it sustainably so your fans actually stick around for YOU and what YOU have to offer. The course really helped me to think about the kind of fans I want to attract. It helps you with so much more than just getting more followers but also nurturing those connections and keeping them in the long run!"


“The program really changed my whole life when it comes to my business as an artist. I went from not having a clue what I was doing or how to build a brand to confidently being able to execute my strategies without even having to think about it. I've even been able to use what I learned to help my other artist friends revamp some of their socials. I feel like a real musician now.”


Meet Your Coach

Hey, I'm Katie!

I'm a musician turned music career coach, and I've helped hundreds of musicians and music entrepreneurs grow their brands, businesses & bank accounts using social media. I’ve personally used these SAME strategies to grow my own business as a music career coach & double my corporate salary working full-time in music publishing. 3 years ago I quit my job in music publishing because I wanted to help women in music grow their careers without burning out. What started as a focus on wellness coaching became a booming biz that takes a holistic approach to music career growth. That approach involves pairing aligned strategies with mindset + personal development support to cultivate a business & social media plan that works for YOU.

Visibility Rx Approach

The way I do things is unlike most industry coaches out there. I’m anti-burnout, anti-being-a-slave-to-the-algotirthm, and PRO alignement & ease. Here’s a bit more about my approach to get you visible on socials & grow the fanbase you’re desiring.

Make it Easy

It’s tough enough to sift through the hours and hours of information online trying to figure out what will actually work for you. In this course, we make it easy with step by step strategies so you can know what to do and what not to do, while still being able to adapt to your unique interests, brand, and what feels aligned.

Look at the whole picture

There isn’t just ONE key to thriving on socials and in your career. Believe it or not, it’s not just about strategy! The approach I take incorporates mindset work, and emphasis on taking care of your wellness, and infusing your soul (emotions, passion) into everything you do. THIS is the key to success.

Focus on Relationship

If you want to go anywhere in music, you need to have the right relationships. This includes industry connections, and having an actual relationship with your fanbase. So from here on out we’re not “promoting your music,” we’re creating relationships. GENUINE relationships.

Tell it like it is

Maybe it’s because I’m a Sagittarius from New York, or maybe it’s because I want you to get results QUICKLY, but I promise you that I always keep it real and tell it like it is so we can cut through the BS and noise and get to the juice of what you need to know to get the clarity and results you’re desiring.

The Audience Builder Experience




Jessica Kiaunis

Before: hardly any followers on TikTok, nervous to start posting

After: a viral video (4.4million views)and 150k+ followers on TikTok, confidence moving forward, and new clients





Theresa Mohr

Before: experiencing self-doubt and feeling uncomfortable posting online

After: having fun consistently on socials and watching her audience grow daily




Wanda Gronhovd

Before: fear of doing videos on TikTok and unsure what to say on socials

After: posting regularly and seeing growth in her followers





  • A 4 module program designed to take you from confused on socials to confident and converting your followers into paying fans.



  • A 4 module program designed to take you from confused on socials to confident and converting your followers into paying fans.
  • 3 months of group coaching with 1 call every other week.
  • Group Community  
  • Want to talk it through before joining? Click here to set up a 20 min call with me.


3 Monthly payments

  • A 4 module program designed to take you from confused on socials to confident and converting your followers into paying fans.
  • 3 months of group coaching with 1 call every other week.
  • Group Community 
 Want to talk it through before joining? Click here to set up a 20 min call with me.

Hear from AB alumni, Amanda


Frequently Asked Questions

I'm nervous to invest in a course because I have other expenses as a musician  - can you guarantee an ROI?

Your ROI depends on YOU - your implementation, your consistency and your commitment. This bundle will give you the tools to create more connections and therefore opportunities using social media, so I have no doubt you'll make back your money in no time. 

I don't have the time for socials as it is, how can I add this on?

The good news is that this course will help you get clear on exactly what social platforms you should be using for your unique preferences & goals. With a streamlined process & strategy, and the skills you need to create content with ease, you'll have so much more time back in your day. No more stressing or self-sabotaging, which wastes time AND energy ;)

How long is the program?

The group coaching program is 3 months long and includes lifetime access to the course. Your 3 months of coaching begins the day you sign up. 

Do I get private coaching with Katie?

While there's no private access or coaching, in the 3 month group container you'll be able ask Katie all your questions on calls and via slack, get customized support, and learn from the group! 

Do you have a refund policy?

We do!

I truly believe The Audience Builder is the best program out there for musicians (and music entrepreneurs) who want to clarify their brand and organically grow an audience of engaged superfans (who will actually invest in their music & offers). But I also know that there are tons of social media/music industry "gurus" preaching their way to success, and that may have you feeling skeptical or on the fence. I want you to feel completely empowered & confident when making your purchase, and when doing the program.

So that's why we have a 14-day money-back guarantee, so you can experience the magic of creating your brand, clarifying your ideal audience, and crafting a social media strategy that's in complete alignment for yourself. Put your trust in me and I promise the results will be worth it. You have nothing to lose, and everything (including followers) to gain. For more details, click here.

I'm Ready to Build my Audience

Want to talk it through before joining? Click here to set up a 20 min call with me.