Are you a musician or coach feeling like your current offerings are getting you nowhere, fast? 


Afraid to promote your offers because you “feel salesly” and guilty promoting something that brings you so much joy?
(why should people pay me when I’m doing what I love?)


Or maybe you find yourself justifying the fact that you’re not making a sustainable income, because “there’s no money in the music industry anyway”?


What if instead of making it up as you go, you had a plan & sales strategy to reach your exact launch goal?



I have helped tons of musicians, music teachers, and music coaches grow their careers & their bank accounts while ditching overwhelm, self-doubt, and burnout for good, using the strategies in this program.

I’ve personally used these SAME strategies to grow my own business as a music career coach & nearly triple my corporate salary working full-time in music publishing.

BUT it wasn’t always this way..


When I first started my business,  I was taught to constantly sell, and do everything in my power to take casual DM convos onto calls to pitch them.

Not only did that strategy feel super didn't work. I was left with stress, unsigned leads, and disappointment. So, I'd move onto a new offer or try a new strategy to see if this time, something work would.


Well let me tell you a little secret that I learned: 

Finally I decided to make a change - I hired a new coach who was an expert at sales and could give me her honest assessment of my business. 

I created a new program that finally allowed me to charge my worth, and get my clients even bigger and better results

And I implemented a launch and content strategy that left leads lining up at my door, waiting to join. 

That launch was my first $20,000 launch, resulting in my biggest month ever in my business, and 6 months of recurring revenue.

The strategies I used? That's what I teach in this program.

All your life you’ve been told that if you work in the music industry, you’re destined to be broke.

“You better have a back-up plan for when it doesn't work out"


And then there’s the clients, fans, and bookers asking you to work for free

(sorry I meant "exposure")



No wonder you’re feeling stuck.



  • You’re insanely confident with the offerings & launch strategy you have now as a musician and/or music coach/teacher, and are constantly sold/booked out


  • You’re bringing in the money you want to make AND have enough time to have fun without guilt


  • You’re not open to changing your limiting beliefs system & adjusting your strategy to better serve you, and want to keep operating how you are now


  • You're a musician ready to launch a Patreon or start a teaching/coaching business to complement your existing musical offerings
  • You're a coach with a new or existing business who is ready to stop struggling & stressing around launching 
  • You’ve been scrambling to launch/promote many different things at once, but aren’t seeing the results you want in terms of fans, students/clients, or money
  • You want to create more stability and recurring income in your business, so you don't have to launch all the time
  • You know you have something your audience wants and needs, but you're not sure how to promote it to them without feeling slimy

How do I know if this is the right fit?

If you resonated with anything on this page, chances are you're a good fit. I won't let anyone in who isn't a perfect fit, so apply now so we can chat & see if this is the right program for you.


What if I just started my business?

Congrats! This is a great program to help your very first launch be a stellar one. If you are new to music or coaching, the most important thing is that you spend a little more time building up your audience before you launch. That's why ABB is included in OTL, and this is something we will work on more inside of the program!


How long is the program?

3 months long! We start on February 1st and go through April. By the end of the 3 months in this program you'll have fully launched your new offer.


Do you have a refund policy?

Due to the live nature of this program, we do not currently offer refunds. When you commit, you commit knowing you're going to give it your all for the next 3 months for a total launch transformation.  This is why our application process is so thorough - so we know everyone who joins is ready & willing to be here.

To the girl who's afraid to go all in...

I know what it feels like to have those doubts.

I know the voice in your head saying "don't do it - it's not as important as studio time" and worse "you have to CHOOSE between investing in your skill and investing in the business side"

You don't have to make that choice any longer.

This is the program for you. This is your chance to make MASSIVE change in your business while doing that inner work. While reducing your stress, on the external and internal things holding you back. 

And without breaking the bank. (no, instead we're gonna make you more money!)

This is your opportunity to surround yourself with people who raise you up instead of pulling you back down into a negativity spiral. 

This is your way out, your way up, your way within. 

Now is your chance to make the empowered choice for yourself. 

See you on the inside, 



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